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Where Are All The Brothers? for Kindle at a Great Price!

Amazon currently is offering Where Are All The Brothers? for Kindle at $6.15. It might be a good time to send one as a gift to a Kindle owner. Amazon continues to run its 4-for-3 promotion on the paperback copy. Thank you to those of you who have supported getting the book into the hands of men outside of the church.

Sean Made My Wife Happy: Help Make Sean Happy

This is Sean. He is not mad. He is happy. Sean made me happy. Sean helped my wife. My wife has a new ride. It is pre-owned with low miles and a great financing rate. Sean made this deal to make my wife happy. That makes me happy. Sean works for Honda of Bowie in Bowie, MD. If you need a good deal on a ride, and you live in the Washington, DC – area, see Sean. Sean will try to make you a good deal without hassle. He will find a good price for your trade-in too — even one as old and the one I had. Sean will work to make you happy. Tell him I sent you. Talk to Sean about the Two Ways to Live so Sean really can be happy.

Thank you, Sean! You made my wife happy. Thank you also dad and mom, and friends who live in states south and southwest of Maryland who helped me to go to Sean to make my wife happy.

See Sean. He makes people happy. I am happy.

Martin Luther on Marriage as a School of Character

Martin Luther on Marriage as a School of Character.

Tabletalk August 2011: Theological Reflections on Classical Literature

The most recent issue of Tabletalk is really good. Long-time R. C. Sproul readers will be familiar with his analysis of Melville’s Moby Dick from Sproul’s Lifeviews (1986), i.e., the white whale is not evil, but only evil in the mind of Ahab; the white whale stands for God. If you do not have a subscription to this more-than-a-devotional-magazine, its theological articles, daily Bible commentary, and list of resources for Christian growth and development of a Christian worldview, I would encourage you to get one and to get a gift subscription for a friend.


What is the Gospel? by Anthony Carter

I am excited to receive my copy of What is the Gospel? by Anthony Carter, published by East Point Books, the resource arm of East Point Church. It was my privilege to hear the sermon from which much of the book is derived. This is my endorsement for the book:

What is the Gospel? is a simple yet brilliant and impassioned explanation of the most important message ever given to man.  Carter is right: The Gospel is about a Person in the plan of God to which every person must respond. This is a great little book!

“What is the Gospel?” has become a common title to recent books, including ones by Bryan Chapell and Greg Gilbert. It is extremely important that we clarify this message for fellow believers and for the world. I am glad Carter is adding his voice of clarity.

If you have not considered the message of the Gospel, whether or not a person named Jesus Christ is a historical figure, or the implications of what his death and life means for you, please also consider reading a copy of Carter’s book. I am going to grab copies to give to several college students.