This is Sean. He is not mad. He is happy. Sean made me happy. Sean helped my wife. My wife has a new ride. It is pre-owned with low miles and a great financing rate. Sean made this deal to make my wife happy. That makes me happy. Sean works for Honda of Bowie in Bowie, MD. If you need a good deal on a ride, and you live in the Washington, DC – area, see Sean. Sean will try to make you a good deal without hassle. He will find a good price for your trade-in too — even one as old and the one I had. Sean will work to make you happy. Tell him I sent you. Talk to Sean about the Two Ways to Live so Sean really can be happy.

Thank you, Sean! You made my wife happy. Thank you also dad and mom, and friends who live in states south and southwest of Maryland who helped me to go to Sean to make my wife happy.

See Sean. He makes people happy. I am happy.