Monthly Archives: September 2007

Tim Challies Great September Book Giveaway

Tim Challies posted his Great September Book Giveaway, and we’re late getting to it! He has some good comments on better reading too. By the way, my referral ID is 13220.

“Black Like Us:” Lewis on Bynum, Courageously and Truthfully

Lance Lewis previously made a Wittenberg Door-like post on the Juanita Bynum incident that speaks with clarity on the problem of the priority of philosophical blackness within the church. Read more here. (Maybe that post also helps the reader to understand the reason why T. D. Jakes can have a book on the bestseller list among African Americans and what this says about what is really taking place in the Black Church as a whole.)  

Nonbelievers Increasingly Vocal

I have stepped away from personal blogging for about 30-45 days due to other duties and deadlines. However, I think The Washington Post carried a significant article on vocal atheism this morning worthy of reading and passing on.

You also may want to check out the post on atheism by Alan Jacobs in the latest Books and Culture.