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A book I enjoyed this year that is due out next year (2012) that I think you too will enjoy: Keep Your Head Up

Below is my endorsement of Keep Your Head Up: America’s New Black Christian Leaders, Social Consciousness, and the Cosby Conversation (Crossway, 2012), Anthony Bradley, editor:

Keep Your Head Up is candid, convicting, and balanced. Bradley assembles a great team of Christian thinkers who create a dialog between Augustine, Bell, Hooks, Ice Cube, and William Julius Wilson on one hand and Bill Cosby, Alvin Poussaint, and Eric Michael Dyson on the other. The writers provide great cultural, statistical, and historical analysis of the Come On, People andIs Bill Cosby Right? approaches to complex social issues within Black America and of how far we have to go to overcome. Along the way, they redefine black church, black theology, and what it means to be African-American, producing a fresh new call for the church to hear the truth. This is a significant discussion needed in every church in America so that the ‘One New Man’ can solve the institutionalized and self-inflicted problems facing the African-American community. This work demonstrates that the applied gospel in the hands of the church of Jesus Christ is sufficient to meet the needs of a community that often still faces the reality of living in a present hell.

Please pre-order this book and read it back-to-back with John Piper’s Bloodlines.

Keep Your Head Up: America’s New Black Christian Leaders, Social Consciousness, and the Cosby Conversation


A book I enjoyed this year I think you too would enjoy (even on Black Friday): The Greener Grass Conspiracy

Below is my endorsement of Stephen Altrogee’s, The Greener Grass Conspiracy: Finding Contentent on Your Side of the Fence:

“We crave the other grass when Christ has given us the lushest, all-satisfying plains of hope and joy. With humor and grit, and written within the crucible of suffering, Altrogge exposes and scorches these discontented dreams by magnifying how rich we are in Christ.”

If you use this book in your small group or Sunday School class at your upper- or upper-middle class church in America, write me and let me know how it goes.

A book I enjoyed this year I think you too would enjoy: God’s Wisdom in Proverbs

My endorsement of Dan Phillips’, God’s Wisdom in Proverbs:

This is a great work on Proverbs and its literature! Pastors will find it most useful for teaching their members to read and understand the literature of wisdom, and to tie wisdom to its parallels in the Old Testament historical literature. While making full use of recent scholarship on Proverbs, the work is very accessible to the eager reader—to the one who desires to grow in his fear of the Lord. Philips has provided a work that will help the church grow wise before the Lord.

A book I enjoyed this year I think you too would enjoy: Lit!

I am going to make a handful of quick posts to give note to some books I enjoyed this year. This first one I hope you will give thought to reading immediately, for it will help you get more out of all else you read. This is my endorsement of Lit! A Christian Guide to Reading Books (Crossway), by Tony Reinke:

With a discerning eye, Reinke captures the importance of the gospel story for our habits of reading, thus providing a worldview for reading. He challenges us to beware of how the carved images of the Internet can draw us away from the grace of reading for comprehension and simple delight. Yet he equally gives a proper place to secular literature among all types of works that those who love Christ should appreciate. This is the sort of book that I have longed to place into the hands of believers in order to help churches recapture a love for literature and literacy—both biblical and extra-biblical. Practical and enjoyable, Lit! is an outstanding and valuable gift to the church.


O Great God

O Great God

Words and music by Bob Kauflin

As recorded on Valley of Vision


O great God of highest heaven

Occupy my lowly heart

Own it all and reign supreme

Conquer every rebel power

Let no vice or sin remain

That resists Your holy war

You have loved and purchased me

Make me Yours forevermore


I was blinded by my sin

Had no ears to hear Your voice

Did not know Your love within

Had no taste for heaven’s joys

Then Your Spirit gave me life

Opened up Your Word to me

Through the gospel of Your Son

Gave me endless hope and peace


Help me now to live a life

That’s dependent on Your grace

Keep my heart and guard my soul

From the evils that I face

You are worthy to be praised

With my every thought and deed

O great God of highest heaven

Glorify Your Name through me


© 2006 Sovereign Grace Praise (BMI).