Ascol: SBC and Calvinism: Three events that widened the divide


The man struck by lightening makes a very good post on a lightening rod issue. Also, he is consistent in his emphasis on the Great Commission as a Calvinist: The current issue of Founders Journal  is on planting new churches that will reach the lost.



My sheep hear my voice. He proves by an argument drawn from contraries, that they are not sheep, because they do not obey the Gospel. For God effectually calls all whom he has elected, so that the sheep of Christ are proved by their faith. And, indeed, the reason why the name of sheep is applied to believers is, that they surrender themselves to God, to be governed by the hand of the Chief Shepherd, and, laying aside the fierceness of their nature, become mild and teachable. It is no small consolation to faithful teachers, that, though the greater part of the world do not listen to Christ, yet he has his sheep whom he knows, and by whom he is also known Let them do their utmost to bring the whole world into the fold of Christ; but when they do not succeed according to their wish, let them be satisfied with this single consideration, that they who are sheep will be gathered by their agency. The rest has been already explained” (John Calvin, commentary on John 10:27, bold emphasis, Redmond).


One response to “Ascol: SBC and Calvinism: Three events that widened the divide

  1. It’s sad that a convention that celebrates the return to the innerancy and authority of the Scriptures would act in such subtle defiance against the Scriptures. I’m not talking about people’s rejection of Calvinism, though I believe that Calvinism is consistent with the Scriptures (for what it’s worth). That discussion is for another time and place. My contention is with the blatant misrepresentation and slandering that is going on for the sake of the “gospel”. How does this further the gospel and glorify God? How is Christ honored when Calvinists are being attacked as having erroneous views on the Trinity, non-Christological, and leading people away from the gospel? Are there any other phrases for “heretic” out there?! Would these same Baptists say that their very own Baptist heritage was founded in part by men who held to the same “heresy”?! Would these same Baptists call Spurgeon, Carey, Livingstone, Mueller, and other great soul-winning 5-point Calvinists heretics?

    In the end, I fear that either those who slander will be exposed for their folly and will lose the convention to those who would rather search the Scriptures and debate them in love and integrity, or they will find a way to drive out the Calvinists, and leave no room for debate and disagreement. In the end, though, you cannot have bridge-bulders and bridge-burners in the same convention and hope to make progress for the purity and spread of the gospel.

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