I am grateful to see the publication of Urban Apologetics! This is my endorsement of the book:

Eric Mason’s team of adept philosophers and theologians has created apologia for a community whose heterodox teachings have been misunderstood and ignored by traditional theological resources. Speaking to those who have both Whitewashed and/or Consciousness Community educations, it reveals the racial biases – evangelical and secular – that have been baptized as truth and masqueraded as the only right readings of history, theology, and Scripture. Within these pages is a corrective needed to help provide defense of the hope all believers hold while also exalting the human dignity of all persons in the body of Christ. This is a Tolle Lege call to all who have a heart that longs for the salvation of the spiritually lost within the African American community and it is a masterful work that lays bare the weaknesses of the Black Religious Identity Cults for those tempted to find hope their teachings.