fullsizeoutput_19f8I am grateful for the publication of Consumed by Hate, Redeemed by Love by my friend Tom Tarrants, past Director of the C. S. Lewis Institute. My endorsement is below (although I think the publishers shortened the statement for the final publication):

Consumed by Hate, Redeemed by Love reveals how easily a political ideology can grow into a radical, extreme, life-taking worldview, all the while masquerading for some supposed form of a “Christian” faith. Yet, as Tarrant’s story shows, the hollowness of a racist, anti-semite, civilly-polarizing philosophy is no match for the even more radical, life-altering power of the truth of the authentic Christian gospel message. The admonitions contained within Tarrant’s autobiography have the potential to move believers around the world to repair many fissures of societies divided by race, creed, gender, and religion. This is a powerful story!

Christianity Today did a piece on Tom’s story. His story is for such a time as this. Get a copy.