3jMb0K3BQDuTfYT+2QMDMAExperiencing teaching and preaching through 2 Chronicles as a series is not common for many believers. I polled one of my classes of 240 students from all over the US and the world and not one of them had sat under a sermon series through 2 Chronicles. Yet some of the richest stories breathed out by God’s mouth are found therein–stories equally as important as the rest of Scripture for us to live out the whole counsel of God.

Kindly, Today in the Word invited me to contribute to their May 2019 devotional readings for 2 Chronicles. I tried to center the readings around the unifying subject for each passage. I am grateful for opportunities like this that come by being part of the team and family at Moody Bible Institute.

You can read a digital copy of the issue at the link above.