May the Name that is above every name be exalted in worship today. May our hearts overflow with thanksgiving, love, and fear before you, God, our Father. May the Spirit who has redeemed us fill us with power, joy, wisdom, and meekness.

Lord, would you be pleased to make your presence known among your people today, that we might grow closer into the likeness of the temple into which, in Christ, you are building us to be a dwelling place of the Spirit. Would you give us grace to put to death the sins we treasured when we were children destined for your wrath. Would you draw each heart to you in song and prayer without hindrance or fear of the faces of people.

Today, kindly and powerfully scatter your enemy and his schemes of war against us. In us, magnify and glorify Christ – crucified, raised, and returning – that billions without him, both near and far, might hear the Gospel and know Christ in mercy.