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LighthouseWe hear many messages in our society. Political messages and their spin seek our votes and corporate trust. Retail advertising messages seek to get us to purchase the next must-have product. Cultural message wish to convince us of a progressive or regressive position on social change. Social media sells the ideas that vanity, egotism, attention-grabbing, and speaking and bearing all without shame are to be valued above moderation, mystery, cordiality, and meekness.

From many corners we hear that the United States is great, without any reference to problems related to economic inequalities, systemic injustices, and moral vicissitude. Never mind those blights; the message seems to be that Uncle Sam is standing tall, the Bald Eagle soars, Lady Liberty’s torch shines bright, and Old Glory will wave strong until the world’s end. Ephesians by Eric Redmond

Above those messages, “the word of truth—the gospel of your salvation” stands (Eph. 1:13). We do well to call everyone to give attention to this message.