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Candidates(It is 10:05 PM ET.)

Tonight America bested one glass ceiling, and I am glad for it. I am not saying that I would vote for Hillary. However, it is a good thing to put the glass ceiling thing behind us so that it will not remain an issue in future Presidential campaigns.

I think Sanders should go all the way to the convention with his campaign. Why not? He will not fracture his party by doing so. He might secure a cabinet position for himself by staying in the race; Hillary might have to promise him a post in order to get Sanders to encourage his supporters to get behind her.

I cannot vote for Trump. He is racist (and not simply a racial opportunist). It is to our shame that he is a primary candidate for the Oval Office.

Would someone tell Hillary to soften her demeanor during the remainder of her campaign? She still comes across as an angry candidate. She needs to distinguish herself from Trump.

Now, let’s go get past that glass other ceiling: Let’s write-in Condi Rice as a candidate and get her to the White House.