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imagesThis week, as I leave Chicago’s Union Station and walk past the Willis Tower heading toward my CTA train station, I have thought of the chaos I immediately would experience if a terror attack came to the former Sears Tower while I am within its vicinity. I’m not sure I can place myself in the shoes of those who ran from the falling World Trade Center’s twin towers, or who lost loved ones in the attacks. However, my heart and prayer today is with you who were most affected by that infamous day in 2001. May the the God of all comfort be with you through the mercy that is Jesus Christ himself. May he work justice on your behalf with mercy. May he mercifully reveal himself as the most beautiful Savior and most terrifying Judge. May he disclose to you, in mercy and love, the message of the fall of the tower of Slioam and the parable of the Vinedresser and fig tree — Lk. 13:1-9: “Unless you repent…” — so that you might know his peace. May the death of Christ for our sins and his resurrection from the dead be your hope as you look to him alone to see your tears, heal your heart, overcome your pain, and provide the joy of his mercy.