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41zibWJCT6L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_I just received my book notice for Thabiti Anyabwile’s, Reviving the Black Church: A Call to Reclaim a Sacred Institution (B&H Books). I have longed to see a book written of this type with a Christ-centered focus as opposed to a social-centered focus. So I am very excited about this book, which in some sense will complement Anybwile’s earlier work, The Decline of African American Theology (IVP). Churches of all types need reviving. Anyabwile graciously directs his focus and hope to a particular segment of the Bride of Christ. You can gain a sense of his hope from his recent CT interview, “Tough Love for the Black Church.”

Within my endorsement for the book (which I am not sure was included) I say,

Unflinching in his call to recover a New Testament church, Thabiti’s proposal is sure to draw naysayers and enemies as he prioritizes identifying the people of God over seeking social significance. But such critics should give the work a full and judicious hearing, for the sake of the exaltation of our people, and for the salvation of people everywhere. Out of deep love for the Black Church, Thabiti has spoken up loudly and timely, with grace and truth.

Congrats, TA! Thank you for providing us with another great resource — another that demonstrates the practicality of Reformed Theology for contemporary African American culture.