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vol-6I have enjoyed Lifeway’s Men’s 33 Series. The 2-DVD set in each of the six volumes in the series intends to build-up men in every area of life. The authors propose it as a “journey” to authentic manhood. Each DVD invites in both unbelievers and believers by examining common perceptions of various aspects of manhood through personal interviews with people on the street – interviews related to the purpose of marriage, the goal of fatherhood/childrearing, the value of work, etc….

The speakers in volume 5 – Bryan Carter, Tierce Green, and John Bryson – do a fantastic job of talking to men from all walks of life with respect to marriage – single, happily married, unhappily married, immature-Christianly married, mature-Christianly married. The videos provide a means of welcoming unbelieving men into a Gospel-proclaiming session without using exclusively Christian language or being preachy. Even when theological terms are used, the speakers define the terms in simple words and analogies. I would suggest that many men who are skeptical about the church would find the video sessions to be welcoming and accessible, and that they would find great agreement with the hosts’ pictures of the realities of marriage in a fallen world. Each lesson is simple to understand, and the speakers review their talks at the end of each discussion.

A great feature of the video sequence is that Paul Tripp is a guest to each session. Tripp brings to the series a wealth of wisdom from years of professional counseling and church ministry. I enjoyed hearing Paul say to a hypothetical woman disillusioned about her marriage and mate (in classic Paul Tripp style), “Well it is the man you married; the man you dated was a fake.”

An accompanying workbook contains articles to supplement the study. The series has links to its own website and social media sites.

I HAVE TWO SETS OF MEN’S 33 VOLUME 5 FROM THE PUBLISHER TO GIVE AWAY TO TWO CHICAGO-AREA PASTORS. I will give the sets to two Chicago-area pastors of churches with Sunday worship attendance of 250 or less, whose church’s membership is predominately an American-born minority (or minorities), whose church is within the boundaries of the city of Chicago proper, whose annual church receipts for 2014 were under $750,000, and who have a means of integrating the series into an education or men’s group module this fall. If you qualify, please leave comments below explaining how you will use the study to build-up men in your congregation, and what you will encourage men in your congregation to do tangibly in order to invite unbelieving male friends to the sessions—that is, how you will help get the Gospel to men in Chicago. Include your email, Facebook ID, and/or Twitter ID so that I can contact you if you are selected to receive the series. I will take comments for 72 hours following this post. I will draw two recipients at my discretion and will notify the receivers. I will have your packet my office at MBI for you or a proxy to pick up. Let’s build up some men!