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It is with gratefulness to God our Savior that I am joining the Bible faculty at Moody Bible Institute! Pam and I are excited about the opportunity to move to Chicago and serve the students and extended friends of MBI. With its distance learning programs, campuses in Chicago and Spokane, WA, and a multi-campus seminary, Evangelist D. L. Moody’s school has trained many great servants Christ who both have made and are participating in incredible works around the world. Among many amazing people who have passed through MBI’s halls of learning is Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune, founder of Bethune-Cookman University. Moody currently thrives under the leadership of President Paul Nyquist.

41w+kX5Dt9LWe also are looking forward to becoming part of Calvary Memorial Church in Oak Park, IL. Calvary prospers under the shepherding of Todd Wilson and a cache of godly elders. Gerald Hiestand, co-director of the Center for Pastor Theologians, serves as the church’s assistant pastor. (Gerald recently co-authored, Sex, Dating, and Relationships: A Fresh Approach (Crossway), and I recommend it highly.) I will be joining the staff as Minister of Adult Ministries, and Pam will join the staff as Ministry Associate for Pastoral Ministries.

Pam and I were able to spend some time with Calvary Memorial the first weekend of November. Warmly and graciously they already have welcomed us as if we are family, and the elders have laid hands on us with prayer, in love. We are eager to grow in Christ with our new church. You can get a glimpse of Calvary’s ministries by watching the video about its basketball team ministry to local high school students.Unknown

Until we land in Chicago, we will be splitting our time between our membership at Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church, Washington, DC, and my service as pulpit supply for Belcroft Bible Church, Bowie, MD! I am appreciative of Pastor Terry Streeter’s display of Christ in his expressed, kind desire to send us to our new ministries with the blessing of a church behind us.

We will miss all of our friends and family in the Washington, DC region. I hope the many of you will contact us when you are visiting Chicago! If you will be in the Windy City on a Sunday, please plan to worship with us at Calvary Memorial. For a great time to visit Moody, why not make plans to participate in the annual Founder’s Week, February 2-6? Or you can drop in a section of Introduction to the Bible during the Spring 2015 term beginning in January; I am preparing the notes. See you then!

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