imagesI am looking forward to teaching Theological Interpretation of Media for Capital Seminary and Graduate School in late December. For many years I have enjoyed informally applying Hirsch and Johnson’s hermeneutic(s) to TV and film in a session or two of courses on biblical interpretation. Now we will have an entire course to consider ideas in the likes of The Matrix, 24, Inception, and No Country for Old Men (and comparing the portrayal its main theme to similar portrayals in Saving Private Ryan and Meet Joe Black). The goal of the class is to develop a personal theology of media. I am thinking a list of affirmations and denials might be good. Maybe the class can develop a Chicago Statement on Biblical Analysis of Popular Media and Use of Media Technology.

When the Lights Go Down (Westbow Press, 2014), by my colleague, Mark Eckel, will be available in time for the course. Works by Phil Ryken and Paul Munson too will aid us in thinking Christianly about media.