My article, “Handicaps Teach Us Grace,” has posted at christianity.com. Here is an excerpt.

On a recent vacation, we had the opportunity to go bike riding together as a family. Gratefully we were able to bring one of the children’s grandparents, so our usually large bunch of seven became eight. As is typical of a group of this size, we had a few handicaps among us.

By the term handicaps, I am not referring to disabilities of the differently-abled types. Instead, I mean that we had frailties that did not allow everyone to come to the biking experience as equally proficient riders. The frailties were diversely cognitive, physical, and emotional.

For example, one among us is afraid of both water and heights. Being in a vacation spot surrounded by water on all sides, including lagoons, coves, and an ocean, the riding events had to slow down for this cyclist near every water crossing. When the bike path took us atop a one-eighth mile seawall with a fence separating us from the drop off, the aquaphobic peddler walked the bike the entire distance rather than peddling.

Another in our pack needed an adult tricycle due to the inability to grasp the skills necessary for bicycling. Even with the additional wheel, the tricyclist—not really being a cyclist—had trouble navigating the trails and maintaining pace with the group. There were abrupt starts and stops, a few run-ins to other cyclists, and much frustration of this biker with himself.

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