9780310330646mWhen Michael Horton writes on Theology, it is worth reading and rereading. I am glad to see the availability of his, Pilgrim TheologyI am certain that Horton will make theology something the person in the pew will enjoy. Get a copy now at a great price.

Publisher’s Description

Pilgrim Theology is based–in part–on the much larger The Christian Faith, although it is no simple abridgment; rather, Michael Horton has sought to write for an entirely new and wider audience, intentionally making it more useful for both group and individual study.

Horton reviews the biblical passages that have given rise to particular doctrines in addition to surveying past and present interpretations. Also included are sidebars showing the key distinctions readers need to grasp on a particular subject, helpful charts and tables illuminating exegetical and historical topics, and questions at the end of each chapter for individual, classroom, and small group reflection.

Pilgrim Theology is especially appropriate for undergraduate students, educated laypersons, or anyone looking to gain a basic understanding of Reformed theology’s biblical and historical foundations.

Includes Study and Discussion Guide

512 Pages
Published January 2013



The Christian Faith