I am considering small apologetics and basic theology books that I could use to help further ground young adults in their Christian faith. I ran across Erik Thoennes’, Life’s Biggest Questions, and I noticed that it is endorsed by an atheist. I think this means the book, at a minimum, makes credible arguments. I read the first three chapters online and the book seems to be written in a very readable style. However, I would like thoughts about the book from anyone else who as read the book.

Also, I need opinions on other possible texts that I could use for grounding college-aged and post-college aged church learners in the truth. Please let me know if you have suggestions (and why you make the suggestions). Post them in the comments, on my Facebook and Google+ pages, and tweet them to me. I am not looking for anything like Calvin’s Institutes or commentaries on the Westminster Confession – at least not yet.  Thank you!