My article, “Obama, Gay-Marriage, and the Black Church Vote,” posted at Baptist Press this afternoon. Here is an excerpt:

Wide is the gap between what you and we are teaching our children — the next generation of American workers and leaders. Christian parents have a responsibility to raise their children to fear the Lord (Ephesians 6:4). Because the Bible reveals God’s standards for right and wrong, there will be many times when the Lord’s words come into conflict with human sensibilities. Therefore, while your daughters could not imagine their friends’ same-sex union parents being treated differently, you, as their father, would have the responsibility to tell them that their friends’ parents participate in immoral acts, although they might be otherwise nice people. This should not be difficult for you to share with your girls, for we suspect you teach them something similar about their friends’ parents who commit adultery, and about the subtle racism of some tax-paying Americans.