Jim Hamilton’s Revelation commentary in the Preaching the Word series just released. I anticipate it to be a very good exposition of John’s Apocalypse based on the sermons Jim preached through the book. For those looking to preach and teach through Revelation, or read through it devotionally, this is a good resource.

A friend recently told me how she heard another pastor say to his congregation, “I am never preaching through Revelation.” Apparently, the Apocalypse is not worth the exegetical labor and prayer it would take for him to understand and communicate the meaning of its narrative to God’s people. Ligonier’s January 2012 Tabletalk considers the meaning and significance of John’s Apocalypse. While its articles come to different interpretive conclusions than Jim’s commentary, I would recommend it to be part of many resources one should gather when going through John’s vision.

In addition to the above, Jim has completed a theology: God’s Glory in Salvation Through Judgment. It is a Biblical Theology rather than a systematic, like Calvin’s Institutes.

Calvin intended the Institutes to be read hand-in-hand with his commentaries; five centuries later we are still benefitting. Jim is among those who are providing a means for the contemporary church to do the same. I hope many churches, near and far, will drink from the deep wells of these works for generations to come.


Tom Schreiner has written both theologies and commentaries, as have Greg Beale, Wayne Grudem, Paul House, Walter Kaiser, Frank Thielman, and Bruce Waltke.