I am going to make a handful of quick posts to give note to some books I enjoyed this year. This first one I hope you will give thought to reading immediately, for it will help you get more out of all else you read. This is my endorsement of Lit! A Christian Guide to Reading Books (Crossway), by Tony Reinke:

With a discerning eye, Reinke captures the importance of the gospel story for our habits of reading, thus providing a worldview for reading. He challenges us to beware of how the carved images of the Internet can draw us away from the grace of reading for comprehension and simple delight. Yet he equally gives a proper place to secular literature among all types of works that those who love Christ should appreciate. This is the sort of book that I have longed to place into the hands of believers in order to help churches recapture a love for literature and literacy—both biblical and extra-biblical. Practical and enjoyable, Lit! is an outstanding and valuable gift to the church.