East Point Church

Much has been made lately of the invitation extended to TD Jakes to participate in The Elephant Room. My man Thabiti has written a well-reasoned and clearly presented case against inviting TD Jakes.  As a son of the predominantly black church, and one who loves his heritage, I agree with Thabiti, that the invitation to Jakes sends a mixed message and carries the potential of validating one the most pronounced purveyors of false teaching in the world.  I would hope The Elephant Room (James MacDonald and Mark Driscoll, in particular) would reconsider this invitation.

According to the statement on their website, The Elephant Room desires to create

” …a new tribe. A tribe based on being humble enough to listen and reconsider what the Scriptures actually say. A tribe that holds the essential tenets of the faith with a ferocious intensity and is open handed with everything else. Maybe…

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