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“[I]f redemption of humans for the glory of God is the great purpose of the Christian story, that overriding telos encompasses many other purposes. Because of a series of contingent events over the last two centuries, it has become conventional to think that belief in the Christian story opposes serious commitment to intellectual explorations of the world. There are no good reasons for this position. It rests on misreadings of the Christian story and misapprehensions of the intellectual life. The Jesus Christ who saves sinners is the same Christ who beckons his followers to serious use of their minds for serious explorations of the world. It is part of the deepest foundation of Christian reality – it is an important part of understanding who Jesus is and what he accomplishes – to study the world, the human structures found in the world, the human experiences of the world, and the humans who experience the world. Nothing intrinsic in that study should drive a person away from Jesus Christ. Much that is intrinsic in Jesus Christ should drive a person to that study.”

Mark A. Noll, Jesus Christ and the Life of the Mind (2011), 41.