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I have been enjoying my Kindle, Wi-Fi from Amazon for a little more than two months. It is a wonderful tool and is helping me stay organized in my reading. If you do not have a Kindle or other wireless reading device, I would encourage you to get one! At this point, I am carrying much of my summer reading on it, as well as about half of the St. John’s College Graduate Institute’s reading curricula (for many of these titles are free). I started with the Kindle app for my phone, which is a good place to start if you cannot afford the Kindle at this moment.

Father’s Day is around the corner! Why not get dad one? Surely he does not need another tie, pair of socks, cologne set, or game for his Xbox. But the vast majority of us could stand to read much more than we do. Reading helps us to love the Lord with our mind (although much more is involved in loving God with the mind than reading), to write better, and to think with greater cultural literacy.

Make it easy for dad! He might pick up more reading simply because of the novelty of the wireless reading device. You even can order him a few Kindle books as gifts.