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This summer I have the exciting privilege of walking with two young men through Calvin’s Institutes using the Beveridge edition, Douglas Wilson’s new work, A Study Guide to Calvin’s Institutes, and Anthony Lane’s, A Reader’s Guide to Calvin’s Institutes. I am eager to have my own theological axe whet as we go through the Institutes together. (I am not a Calvin or Institutes’ expert, so I will gain help from David Hall and Ford Lewis Battles.)

On Wilson, see the product description below. You can peak at the book here. The Beveridge edition of the Institutes is available for Kindle.

Product Description

“Calvin is a cataract, a primeval forest, a demonic power, something directly down from the Himalayas, absolutely Chinese, strange, mythological; I lack completely the means, the suction cups, even to assimilate this phenomenon, not to speak of presenting it adequately . . . I could gladly and profitably set myself down and spend all the rest of my life just with Calvin.” – Karl Barth

About the Author

Douglas Wilson is the pastor of Christ Church, Moscow, Idaho, and editor of Credenda/Agenda magazine. He is the author of many books, including Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning, Reforming Marriage, and A Primer on Worship and Reformation. He is also co-author with Christopher Hitchens of Is Christianity Good for the World? He and his wife Nancy have three children and fifteen grandchildren.