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Tim Keller’s, King’s Cross: The Story of the World in the Life of Jesus (Penguin), releases today, and will be available at Westminster Books for 60% off.

Tim Keller’s Description of King’s Cross:
“The whole story of the world—and of how we fit into it—is most clearly understood through a careful, direct look at the story of Jesus. My purpose here is to try to show, through his words and actions, how beautifully his life makes sense of ours.”

“[The Gospel of] Mark does not read like a dry history. It is written in the present tense, often using words like ‘immediately’ to pack the account full of action. You can’t help but notice the abruptness and breathless speed of the narrative. This Gospel conveys, then, something important about Jesus. He is not merely a historical figure, but a living reality, a person who addresses us today. In his very first sentences Mark tells us that God has broken into history. His style communicates a sense of crisis, that the status quo has been ruptured… Jesus has come; anything can happen now. Mark wants us to see that the coming of Jesus calls for decisive action… Therefore we need to respond actively. We can’t remain neutral. We may not sit and reflect and find excuses for not changing our lives now.”
Tim Keller (from the Preface to King’s Cross)

256 Pages
Published February 22, 2011

About the Author: Timothy Keller started Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan in 1989. He is the bestselling author of The Reason for God, The Prodigal God, and Counterfeit Gods, he lives in New York City.