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I am not sure why there has not been more press about Donald Macleod’s systematic theology text, A Faith to Live By: Understanding Christian Doctrine (Christian Focus, 2010, paper, originally in hardback). I have read Macleod’s other works and found them to be quite enjoyable. A person who does not have a formal Bible or theological education can read and enjoy Macleod.

Publisher’s Description: This is a comprehensive examination of Christian doctrine, practically explained – The Inspiration of Scripture, the Trinity, sin, the Incarnation, the Atonement, Justification, Christian Liberty, Baptism, the Church, the Lord’s Supper, the Second Coming, the Resurrection, Hell and Heaven. It equips the reader to present their faith intelligently to others.

320 Pages

Published November 2010

About the Author: Donald Macleod is Principal of the Free Church College, Edinburgh. Recognized as a leading systematic theologian, he has developed this reputation by being able to explain complex thoughts with simplicity and clarity.