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As 2010 draws to a close, I wish to say “Thank you” to the great many of you who purchased, gave away, or pointed others to copies of Where Are All the Brothers? in 2011. I am very encouraged by all of the notes about how the book has been used in various ministries, especially by those who used the book in incarceration facilities.

Thank you to those who made links to the book or downloaded Kindle, or Nook, versions. Many thanks to those of you who have prayed for the Lord to use the book widely in order to reach non-Christian men for Christ. Thank you also for those who used the book individually or in men’s groups to train other men how to reach men with the Gospel, and thanks for those who participated in trainings to reach African American skeptics in particular.

Would you pray with me in 2011 that the book would have further reach in helping African American men overcome cultural skepticism toward the Gospel and the church? It is my hope that many men in uniform, many on high school and college campuses, and many sitting in church Sunday to Sunday – yet in unbelief – would be reached with the Gospel through the book (or better, through someone who gives them the book). Again, if you know of a man without Christ, and especially an African American man without Christ, who has basic skepticism toward the church and the Gospel, please pray about a way to get a copy of the book in his hands. As many of you have heard me say on other occasions, the African American man represents an entire unreached people(s)-group. He is MIA from his family, the church, the higher education complex, and meaningful contribution to his community.  Let us talk to such men boldly about the Lordship of Christ.

Happy New Year!