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From Between Two Worlds blog:

J. I. Packer:

Recently a former student wrote to me as follows:

Dr. Packer, is there a reasonably recent work on the nature of Scripture that you would consider “magisterial” or close to indispensable, other than the Bible?

At that time, I could not name a book that met these specifications.

But now I can, and this [John Frame’s The Doctrine of the Word of God] is it.

Later he writes:

“Magisterial”? Yes.

“Close to indispensable”? Yes again.

Would John Calvin, Jonathan Edwards, Abraham Kuyper, and B. B. Warfield, Reformed theology’s Fabulous Four (in my book, anyway), enthuse about this volume as I have done? Pretty much, I think.

There, I have had my say. Now read on, and taste the good food for yourself.