All you JE fans, here his your chance to go hear some of the best of the best thinkers on JE talk about that great American theologian. The Jonathan Edwards’ Society is hosting,  “Jonathan Edwards for the New Millennium,” October 1-3, in  North Hampton, MA. Plenary speak­ers Michael McClymond and Ger­ald McDer­mott dis­cuss their new, ground-​​breaking book The The­ol­ogy of Jonathan Edwards (Oxford Uni­ver­sity Press, 2011) at Jonathan Edwards for the New Mil­le­nium, Oct. 1–3, Northamp­ton, MA. McDer­mott will lead a presentation/​discussion regard­ing Edwards on Justification–A New Per­spec­tive, fol­lowed by  McClymond’s con­sid­er­a­tion of Jonathan Edwards–Global The­olo­gian for Twenty-​​First-​​Century Chris­tian­ity.