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Carlotta Morrow’s The Truth About Kwanzaa is available as an e-book. Carlotta has been the markman leading the sniper assault on Kwanzaa’s attempt to advance on Christmas and the Gospel in the African American community, and she does not miss. It is an important book. From the forward I write:

Writing with simple truths, yet not simplistic, Marrow gives us a work with great significance toward the religiously-pluralistic nature of Christianity as practiced by many African Americans as a whole!  In doing so, she challenges the duplicity and isolationist nature of the assimilation philosophy of African Americans—one that embraces every thing “Black” or “of African origin” while rejecting anything that is accepted by the American majority-culture.  Well-researched in its investigation of the history and theology of Kwanzaa and its founder, The Truth About Kwanzaa demonstrates that Kwanzaa is a practice intended to replace the celebration of the incarnation of Christ, the worship of Christ as God the Son, and the identification with Christ by African Americans. It also reveals Kwanzaa’s elevation of “race” to an honorific place it has in no other currently-practiced American celebration, being more socially exclusivist than the religiously exclusivist Christianity it seeks to replace.  Marrow convincingly demonstrates that adopting a practice of Kwanzaa is both anti-Christian, and – in it’s inherent separatist nature – anti- African-American. She has given the church a much-needed resource that should be in the hands of leaders and laymen alike.

Give the book to your neighbor who is lighting Kwanzaa candles instead of – or worse, in addition toAdvent candles. For the white liberal attach on Christmas and the Gospel, you have Machen. For the African American liberal attack, you have Morrow. Get her book. It is only 46 pages long. Even people who could not make it to the end of my 112-page tome – ? – can finish this one. (And remember to get and give 83 Things I Wish The Black Church Would Stop Doing.)