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Anthony Bradley (King’s College, NYC) – no relation to the previous post’s Adam Bradley (University of Colorado and Claremont McKenna College) – alerted me to the fact that his Liberating Black Theology: The Bible and the Black Experience (Crossway, 2010) is now available for pre-order at amazon.com. Happily I gave this (original) endorsement for the book:

With irenic tone Bradley reveals the theological justification of racial separation inherent within the victimization philosophy of both 1G and 2G black theology. His analysis demonstrates how the vision of Cone and his intellectual offspring contributes to rather than resolves DuBois’ problem of the twentieth (now twenty-first!) century.

I hope you will get a copy this book, even if Black Liberation Theology does not appear to be a major concern of your immediate ethnic context. For Bradley’s work will provide you with some good tools to understand nominal Christianity in the African American context. Hopefully this will help you reach many religious-but-not-righteous, church-going African Americans with the Gospel.  Congrats to Prof. Bradley on providing the church with this resource. Job well done!