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Mojave CrossIf five of the most intelligent people in the country end up outvoting four of their most intelligent colleagues in the country in favor of removing the Cross from over the memorial to the war dead in the Mojave Desert, I have a place for the VFW and the state of California to stick it. It should be sent to the City of Chicago in order to be erected to honor their dead youth lost in violence in the schools and on the streets.  For stopping war or soils foreign or national are in need of the same symbol of hope, and remembering the dead in a desert memorial or city graveyard are in need of the same symbol of honor. So Eric Holder and Arne Duncan should grab a group of ACLU lawyers, stick them in their bulletproof SUVs, drive them past the churches holding the funerals of those dying in their youth from being beaten by 2 x 4’s, and let them talk with war veterans in those churches and the principals in the schools in the surrounding neighborhoods–veterans and principals of which some would be atheists, Jews, and Muslims.  I suspect they nicely would tell the ALCU where to stick their reading of the Establishment Clause.