The Masculine Mandate

Masculine MandateEarlier this summer I greatly enjoyed previewing a copy of The Masculine Mandate: God’s Calling for Men, by Rev. Richard D. Phillips. (If previously you have not read anything by Phillips, I encourage you to read Jesus the Evangelist.) In order to give you a small window into the book, below is my endorsement of the work:

Egalitarian and chauvinistic thinking have corrupted our ideas about godly manhood. With boldness of heart and pastoral wisdom, Phillips leads us back toward biblical manhood—masculinity grounded in the Cultural Mandate, the Cross, and the ordinary means of grace. May men of the church answer the call of this mandate to stand up and be counted, and to live out their faith courageously as workers, protectors, nurturers and leaders for Christ.

This is the description from the publisher, Reformation Trust:

There is a crying need in the church today for men to be men. But competing visions for what a man is to be —some growing out of popular culture and others arising from flawed teaching in the church—are exacerbating the problem. Rev. Richard D. Phillips believes it is possible to cut through all of this confusion by consulting the Bible. Only in the pages of Scripture, he asserts, can men find a clear explanation of their God-given roles as leaders, husbands, fathers, and churchmen.

Beginning in Genesis, Rev. Phillips shows that God commissioned Adam to “work” and “tend” the Garden of Eden. In these twin tasks, he perceives a template for manhood, one that, when carried out with diligence, provides dignity to men, service to mankind, and glory to God. He then goes on to show that men are called to lead, to love their wives, to discipline their children, and to serve the church of Jesus Christ. Here is biblical exposition of the most practical sort—teaching that reveals not only what men are to think but what they are to be.

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