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Hampton University Chapel

Hampton University Chapel

In light of the one-year anniversary of Where Are All The Brothers?, I wish to give away some books to a ministry to an HBCU campus. It is important to see that the ministry is “to” the campus, not necessarily “on” an HBCU campus, although “on” could qualify under “to.” It can be a ministry to students on the campus, to faculty on the campus, or to staff on the campus. All segments of such campuses need to be reached with the Gospel, and reaching any one of these groups could mean for a wider outreach to the entire campus.

I would like to give away six (6) copies of the book for evangelistic purposes – five (5) for a small group or discipleship group and one (1) to the group’s leader – to the first campus ministry to an HBCU who writes me one page or less that provides me with the following information on the intended use of the book:



  • Name of college campus and location
  • Name of campus ministry and sponsoring organization (i.e., church or para-church ministry)
  • Name of leader of the ministry to the campus
  • Your plan for using the book in the process of discipleship (i.e., weekly small group or monthly book reading, etc…)
  • Your plan for using the book in evangelism (i.e., we will give these copies away when finished studying them, we will purchase additional copies to give away once we have studied the book, or we will give one to every new college student/faculty member that joins our study, etc…)
  • The estimated date you will begin using the book as a group
  • How else my church can pray for your ministry
  • To whom to ship the book

You may write to me at Reformation Alive Baptist Church, 9900 E-Greenbelt RD. #321, Lanham, MD, 20706, or at Washington Bible College, 6511 Princess Garden Pkwy, Lanham, MD, 20706.

Campus ministries that already have received copies of the book as gifts cannot apply for the giveaway. The letter must be postmarked by June 8, 2009. I will announce the winner on this blog.

A special note of thanks goes to the brother in Christ living in South Carolina who provided the funds for this and another giveaway coming in a few days. Your friendship is genuine and your love for the lost is humbling.

It should go without saying that one does not need to be the “B” of HBCU in order to participate. If you are not “B,” but have a Gospel ministry to an HBCU campus, I am grateful for your obedience to Christ in this form.