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The Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals and Bread of Life Fellowship announce registration for the New Jersey Pastors’ and Lay Leaders’ Conference, June 22-24, 2009. I am grateful that apologist James White graciously agreed to join us. From Bread of Life Fellowship:

April 14, 2009

 Dear Pastors, church leaders, and friends,

 Where can we find genuine hope in a world that appears to be falling apart at the seams?

 In critical eras in human history, in the midst of war, disease, poverty and persecution, the people of God have often turned to find solace in our God, who is reveals Himself as absolutely sovereign in His eternal decrees and purposes. One such time was 1939 during the rise of Adolph Hitler and the dawn of the Second World War. In June of that year, a number of pastors and ministers of the Gospel were compelled to hold a Conference in Paterson , New Jersey to celebrate the Sovereignty of God.

 It is our distinct honor to invite you on behalf of our church, several pastors and churches in Northern New Jersey, and the Allinace of Confessing Evangelicals, to Haledon , NJ (on Paterson ’s northern border) to a special and historic conference to honor, remember The Sovereignty of God Conference on its 70th year anniversary. We wish to give thanks to God and honor the men from our past who prayed for the understanding of God’s sovereign grace in our area.

 Toward this end, six local pastors, joined by two key note speakers (Dr. James White and Rev. Eric Redmond) are gathering together from June 22-24, 2009 to encourage the church at this most anxious time in our nation, that we can fully trust a sovereign God who has lovingly and providentially ordained human history for His glory and the good of His people.

 Space is limited and registration is required ($35 per person or $25 for a group of 5 or more). You may register at http://www.alliancenet.org/partner/Article_Display_Page/0,,PTID307086%7CCHID564292%7CCIID2471016,00.html or by calling 1-800-956-2644. If you have any questions about the conference, feel free to contact me. I can be reached in my study at 201-907-0300 or via e-mail here or at joseph@bolfellowship.org.

 Sincerely in Christ,

 Pastor Joseph E. LoSardo

 On behalf of the elders ofBread of Life Fellowship, Haledon, NJ; Hope Evangelical Free Church, Sussex, NJ;  Englewood Baptist Church, Englewood, NJ; Mt. Carmel Church (OPC),Somerset, NJ; Trinity Baptist Church, Montville, NJ