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I am looking forward to The Whole Counsel of God, Vol 1: God’s Mighty Acts in the Old Testament, by Richard Gamble (P&R, 2009). It is available for pre-order. (It is actually coming out this time as opposed to when it was first announced two years ago.) 

From the publisher:

The Whole Counsel of God explores the relationships between exegesis and hermeneutics, and between biblical, systematic, and historical theology. This three-volume work offers a comprehensive theology attuned to the methodological advantages of biblical theology combined with the strengths of historical and systematic theology.

This volume, the first of three, recounts God’s mighty acts in the Old Testament. It discloses the theology of the Old Testament within the organic, progressive, historical development of the Bible. The author winsomely blends a survey of the entire Old Testament with discussions of topics as diverse as the canon, days of creation, faith and reason, covenants, the Ten Commandments, Old Testament ecclesiology, the nature of God, justification, and Old Testament apologetics.