Fri Jan 9 Q. 10 & 11

10. Is this enough?

11. Why?
Because we are unworthy that He should show His power in helping us, or employ His goodness toward us.


What dilemmas we come to in our honoring and knowledge of God (questions 7-9)! We are to know him in his infinite might so that we might rely upon him in order that we might honor him, but we are unworthy of any aid from him or even the knowledge thereof; and we also need to know his glorious perfection(s) so that we might rely upon him in order that we might honor him, yet we are unworthy of his communicating of goodness toward us. We have a need to know him in order to see our need for dependence; we have a need for his power to give us this knowledge. But nothing within us places us in a position to demand, or to have earned such power and knowledge. For we are seeking to know and honor the one of whom Isaiah said:


Lebanon would not suffice for fuel,
nor are its beasts enough for a burnt offering
(Isa 40:16, ESV).


(That is, if you used all of the trees in [Ancient] Lebanon for firewood for the altar that would sacrifice all of the cattle of all types from that region, that offering and its fires would be insufficient to honor the greatness of the one true God! It would be an incredible fire, its smoke and animal slaughter would invoke the ire of all of the environmentalists and animal rights activists in the world, but it would seem fainter than the spark from the failed striking of a match before the Holy One.)


Our dilemma should provoke humility and meekness in us. For all of our pedigree, education, skill, natural abilities, knowledge, citizenship, and achievements – items we use to communicate (self-)worth and/or to exalt ourselves above other people – mean nothing before one with unlimited might and goodness without pockmarks. Our real starting point to know God is a very, very low place. If we were to start high on ourselves, we would never know him; yea, we would show we have never heard of his perfections.