Invitation to A Modest Calvin Catechism for 2009





























I invite you to join me at A Modest Calvin Catechism Blog on Facebook. There, four of my friends and I will be making comments each Monday through Saturday on the 373 questions and answers of the Geneva Catechism for Children (aka Calvin’s Catechism). The Geneva Catechism is one of the greatest educational tools developed for solidifying believers, their children and grandchildren in the theological basics of our common faith. Its author, John Calvin, was the chief theologian of the Protestant Reformation, author of one of the most significant theological works to come out of the Reformation Era—The Institutes of the Christian Religion, and was also a pastor. He thought as a pastor-scholar for the church as he wrote his catechism. In examining the catechism, our hope is to enrich your spiritual life for the strengthening of theology among laity in the church.


I also will be posting the Facebook blogs on this blog once per week. If you do not have Facebook, you can follow the postings around the web at Truth in the Innermost, Magnify God, For the Healing of the Nations, A Man from Issachar, and East Point Church.


Happy New Year!


Join us!



One response to “Invitation to A Modest Calvin Catechism for 2009

  1. Pastor Eric, Great idea. Linking historical legacy to modern life and ministry is so rare yet so vital. We share that passion. Keep up the great work.

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