(This post reads better on Facebook, with the intents of keeping in touch with new friends made at IMPACT 2008 and luring you in if you do not have Facebook!)



Pam, Charis, Chloe and I are home from IMPACT 2008: Mission Impossibletwo thousand African American college and high school students from all over the country being challenged by incredible speakers to live out their faith and answer the call to serve the Gospel! What an exciting time we had! Only at IMPACT could we catch – all in the same week – homeboy and Zion Church Lead Pastor Keith Battle exhorting an assembly to share the Gospel with zeal (while making satire of the church’s covetous affair with the American Dream), Kirk Franklin calling youthful Christians to live whole-heartedly for Christ as he gave a tremendous concert, Cross Movement’s and Epiphany Fellowship’s Duce preaching on the supremacy of Christ from Colossians 1 with a hip-hop illustration about Jesus wearing all of the Olympic gold medals around his neck, and be led in worship with the incredible talent of Infinit Impact? You, next time, be there!


In this same week we caught up with fellow DTS alums Jumaine Jones—IMPACT closeout speaker, no less–(and lovely wife, Dafnette), Leroy Armstrong, Leon Grant, Dr. Evetta Armstrong, Campus Crusade/IMPACT missionary extraordinaire Grover (and Sharon) Cooper, and Kimberly Gillespie. We were able also to spend time with Campus Outreach servant Alonzo Brown, East Point Church’s Pastor Anthony Carter, RBA’s Xavier Pickett, Pastor James White, Youth Pastor Joel Washington, and Minister Brian Edwards. (It was good to see all of you!)


A special shout out goes to Tracie Warren, Denise Willis, and Scott Crocker for helping to make IMPACT a special blessing for the Redmonds! IMPACT President Charles Gilmer has a great staff of which he should be most proud.


(Thank you also to those who grabbed a copy of the book. For those new friends who asked, more information can be found here, and purchasing information can be found here.)