Below is my endorsement of Michael Haykin‘s, The Christian Lover: The Sweetness of Love and Marriage in the Letters of Believers (Reformation Trust, 2009).  I encourage you to get a copy.


“The Christian Lover portrays some of our most revered historical personalities as men of deep marital love. Haykin’s work enhances (rather than diminishes!) the pictures we have of them as towering scholars, faithful pastors, pioneering missionaries, and bold martyrs. This epistolary anthology of the Puritan and Reformed divines’ marital love may serve as a great buttress to the continued testimony of the goodness of marriage as the Creator’s provision for a companionship of joy in the highest order. May all in the church who read these accounts of love be awakened to the passionate pursuit of the lifelong, unbreakable, satisfying relationship every marriage should be. My heart was stirred more with each letter!”