Today the Albert Mohler Radio Program airs a previously recorded discussion between Dr. Mohler and me about Where Are All the Brothers? I appreciate Dr. Mohler recognizing the emphasis the book places on the importance of men in the church and community. Dr. Mohler is a God-fearing man and a gracious host. I am emphasizing this so that readers of this blog might know that my friend, Al, is more than an intellectual for the kingdom. He is a man with a big heart.


It is important to note that today’s broadcast was recorded prior to the previous post on voting for Obama. If I may, please allow me to add that I am grateful for the comments made concerning the previous post—even the private comments sent to me via email. I know that the post caused indigestion for some. However, the post generated the sort of discussion needed for believers of all ethnicities in this country to take a real look at why our applications of faith vary so greatly when we approach the polls. I personally took issue with Mark Noll’s choice to abstain from the election process in 2004. This year, however, for different reasons—reasons related to the previous post, for the first time since I have been old enough to vote, I might join Professor Noll on the couch on Super Tuesday.


Thank you also to the following radio hosts for gracious interviews on the subject matter of the book and Black Liberation Theology:



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Angela Price, 1350 WLOU, 05/29/08


Greg Wheatley, Moody Radio, 05/30/08, http://www.moodyradio.org/brd_ProgramDetail.aspx?id=20052


Paul Edwards, The Paul Edwards Show, 06/17/08, http://www.am1500wlqv.com/ContentPages/393/


Kevin Boling, Calling for Truth, 06/19/08, www.callingfortruth.org


Paul Wolfe, Laus Deo, 07/06/08, http://www.lausdeoradio.net/