Below is my endorsement of Secret Sex Wars, edited by Robert S. Scott, Sr, being posted at their website. Please tell a brother about the book. I have counseled men through pornographic additction; I have heard first-hand of the struggles of others. The need for help is real.

Like an evil parasite ever-looking for another host, sexual immorality, in all of its deviant forms, has buried itself into the walls of the belly of the Internet, and thus into the minds of many feeding continually on its images. Although the sickness and bondage from this sin is at pandemic levels in the world, its pervasive presence in the African American community only exacerbates the speed and depth of the erosion of our families and our communities. Secret Sex Wars comes to us at a time when the call to arms needs to be sounded in a new and clearer tone. This clarion call will benefit the men and women who heed the charge because the book is rooted in the Word of truth rather than the empty bio-psychiatry words of the modern talk-show hosts—those have appointed themselves falsely as experts and prophets on sexual liberty in our community. This book challenges men to take responsibility for their failures to fight off sexual sin without being naïve about the power of sexual sin or being condescending toward the sexual struggles, hurts, desires and disappointments of African American men. The candor of the writers about their own falls and triumphs leaves every reader without the ability to excuse defeat by saying “but these men do not know my pain,” for they do. My hope is that Secret Sex Wars will run a wide course through the African American community so that we might be rescued from the plague of sexual sin before we destroy ourselves from the inside out.