Blaque Tulip; Book Notices: April 4, 1968

Over at the Blaque Tulip, Lance Lewis has written about our Unrivaled Savior. He has other posts pertaining to the presidential contests and our hope that are worth reading. I also appreciate his post on Glory; it is one of my all-time favorite movies too.

I also am appreciative of Newsweek’s cover story on William F. Buckley, Jr. I make no apologies for enjoying the writings of Buckley or George F. Will. Both men have helped me to think of how to speak about God, morality, truth and ethics to the committed liberal and secularist, even behind DuBois’s veil. I can only hope to have their respected wit when I reach age 60.

Even so, I still enjoy reading Dyson. (It is hard to live behind the veil philosophically when you understand the Gospel; even more so when you understand it from a Calvinist perspective. Dyson has served me well for helping me to remember I am trying to reach people within the veil too.) I am looking forward to his newest: April 4, 1968.

 Finally, I hope Accountable in the Covenant series will make us accountable to living morally.

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