The Gloucester Institute February newsletter is available. Under the leadership of the Honorable Kay Cole James, the Gloucester Institute offers solid training and exposure opportunities for emerging African American leaders. As their website states,

 The Gloucester Institute will … cultivate a society of “solutionists” within the African American community.

provide a safe environment for African Americans of divergent views to work to resolve social, economic and political issues in the African American community.

equip scholars with the intellectual, moral, and financial support to conduct intensive research to discover the best solutions to the social, economic and political problems facing the African American Community.

communicate this vision to the entire African American Diaspora by creating a unique Web presence with a portal to policy papers, conversation, news media and career development.

honor the legacy of African American leader Dr. Robert Russa Moton by using his historic home, Holly Knoll, for training, conferences and retreats designed to influence the market place of social, economic and political ideas in the African American community.is committed to providing an intellectually safe environment where ideas can be discussed and transformed into practical solutions

As many of you know, Kay James is a believer with an outstanding testimony before all. (Having read her biography several years ago, and knowing a little bit about the IVCF crew that were her acquaintences in her Hampton years, I suspect Kay holds to the Doctrines of Grace.) Maybe you have young person you wish to direct to the Gloucester Institute.