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Over at the Council of Reforming Churches the brethren are exploring the issue of Gospel-centered worship and cultural expression. (I guess I should weigh in again soon since I instigated the conversation. But I have been enjoying reading the thinking of my brethren.) You should join us for the conversation. Lance Lewis has made a really thoughtful post in Part 4.



In this journey of trying to navigate through worship wars among my own, I have been helped by Ryken’s Give Praise to God and Carson’s Worship by the Book. I am anticipating help from Kauflin’s Worship Matters. Bob’s blog has been very helpful this past year. (He recently posted info on the WorshipGod08 conference.)  Skip Ryan’s, Worship: Beholding the Beauty of the Lord, should be included in the mix of readings on worship.



Nothing has helped more than God’s Passion for His Glory and thinking through the implications of God’s chief end for corporate worship.



I know, I know: There are no books on the list written from within the hue in question. Yes, but I am looking for Gospel-centered worship in cultural clothing, not culturally expressed-worship with the Gospel attached, which seems to be thrust of many of the books in question. I will take a recommendation if you have one.

By the way, there are some really good comments at Pure Church for thinking about Senator Obama and the coming elections. They should be included in the discussion at hand.