Earlier this year I made a post on Ed Blum’s work on W. E. B. Dubois. It recently won a Gustavus Meyrs award! Congratulations to Ed! I hope many will enjoy this fine work. (It’s not too late to get a copy for Christmas!)

Today, I also enjoyed an article in the Washington Post by Duke University’s Mark Anthony Neal on the “Race Man.” Please notice that he suggests (with others) my colleagues and I are part of an industry that is no longer an (the?) incubator for Black leadership. I suspect we are now the lacuna on the score of 21st Century leadership.

Neal’s mentioning of the church’s stillbirth problem reminds me of part of the message in Spike Lee’s Get on the Bus. Remember, the bus left from the church, but never returned. Spike’s analysis is on target.

But I am not worried. A reformation could do for our community what the Reformation did for Geneva.