Frank Rich, The Hypocrisy Slayer

We are very familiar with Satan’s accusation that people only served God because of his benevolent gifts, not because we are pro-God with unswerving conviction regardless of wealth and health. I am thankful that Job did not sin with his lips. 

Now New York Times OP-ED columnist Frank Rich suggests that Christian social conservatives only vote Republican when they know they can win the Presidency, not because we are pro-life with unswerving conviction before God regardless of the chances of the most pro-life candidate. Of the “czars’ of Christian social conservatism, Rich wirtes, 

If they really believed uncompromisingly in their issues and principles, they would have long since endorsed either Sam Brownback, the zealous Kansas senator fond of using fetus photos as political props, or Mike Huckabee, the former Arkansas governor who spent 15 years as a Baptist preacher, calls abortion a “holocaust” and believes in intelligent design rather than evolution.  

But they gave Senator Brownback so little moral and financial support that he folded his candidacy a week ago. And they continue to stop well short of embracing Mr. Huckabee, no matter how many rave reviews his affable personality receives on the campaign trail. They shun him because they know he’ll lose, and they would rather compromise principle than back a loser.  

His article is well written although this sort of attack is not new. 

Are Christian social conservatives guilty as charged? I had been waiting for the Reformed cultural commentators to pick up this discussion. I am asking he question so we can start the discussion here. But be careful not to sin with your lips. 

If you see thoughts on Rich’s accusation at another’s blog, please send me the URL.

UPDATE, NOVEMBER 9!  (HT: Ben Stevenson): Apparently things have changed in Dobson’s mind:

Let’s see if anyone follows Dobson.

4 responses to “Frank Rich, The Hypocrisy Slayer

  1. If I understand the position that is being taken, I do not vote republican based on the pro-life stance of the candidate. I vote, based on the party stance. Because, numbers is politics. The swing in candidate numbers is the power in congress and the White House, just as it is on the Supreme Court. As long as the party remains somewhat faithful to its plank over against the Dems, I will vote republican because when it comes to tenure and power numbers win. Hopefully I will have a choice of a conservative voice, if I do not I won’t vote, for at that point it won’t matter who wins.

  2. There are some questions about whether James Dobson is definately planning on endorsing Huckabee

    However, as Billy Wommack notes, some SBC leaders are endorsing him

  3. I think Rich is a bit premature in his judgment. I definitely think some who claim the name of Christ (yes that wording is intentional) are showing their true colors, but lets put this into perspective. It is still very early in the race, and the lack of support (or perceived lack of support) for Huckabee is already showing signs of picking up. Justin Taylor, Joe Carter, and Matthew Anderson endorsed Huckabee in October. Rick Scarborough wrote a letter of endorsement. Denny Burk says that he is warming up. Five prominent Souther Baptist leaders endorsed Huckabee recently (with more to follow probably). As you already noted, there are rumors that James Dobson is planning to endorse him as well. Also, Huckabee had a very strong performance at the values voter summit (winning the vote of attendants by a wide margin). So while it might not have been automatic from the beginning, it seems like many Christians are now choosing to side with Huckabee. Also, Rich fails to point out that it’s been 8 years since republicans have had to deal with this type of broad field to choose from. Quite a bit has transpired in that time frame and the republican party, while not necessarily fractured, is still finding itself. So all in all, I think that Rich is being a bit premature in his judgment. While I understand his sentiment (I must say that I have thought the same thing) I think/hope his analysis will be proven wrong in the end.

  4. Apparently James Dobson has now decided to back Huckabee, so either Frank Rich is wrong, or Dr Dobson has now decided that Huckabee can win.

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