George Will makes a great cultural analysis of the messages within American Gangster. The comparison to The Godfather is significant. Will is correct: Family values should not be able to coexist with criminality.

 In other news, I am thankful that there are sharp but compassionate police officers like Detective Sherry Prince serving our society. I know Sherry to be a believer; I remember her Cross-shaped poise when she lived on the campus of a nearby Christian college where I used to work. Hats off to Washington Post Staff writer Candace Rondeaux for not editing out, “when the interview ended, the two women prayed together.” I am grateful for a positive story about the Prince George’s County Police Department and integrity in journalism.

 In other reading, did you see that call for courage by Piper? I agree with the Minneapolis Pastor even though I know someone like Sherry is better trained than me to handle a confrontation.